3 mile run

3 mile run, Tusayan, AZ, Road 302 (Dirt), moderate hills, 23:33

5 mile run

5 mile run Anderson civic center. Grass fields 35:28

5 mile speed play workout

10×1:00 hard, followed by 1:00 easy in miles 2&3. I did 5 miles on a dirt road with moderate rolling hills. Elevation was between 6600-6700 feet. A number of the 1:00 hard was up hills. I recovered to run a 7:05 mile 5.

9 mile long run + 4×100 post run strides

Santa Fe Trail Colorado Springs, CO. Easy course. Crushed gravel RR bed .Because I was at 6600 ft above sea level, I started out at a goal pace of 9 minutes on the first mile to see how my body responded.  Splits were: 8:51,8:21,8:33,8,26,8:12,7:46,7:41,7:53,7:20. Total time was 1:13:12

3 mile run

3 mile run at civic center. Time 20:28

5 mIle run ( Fartlek 5×2:00 min hard, 1:00 min easy in miles 2&3)

Grass field at civic center. Time 37:51, 2:00 hard paces were low 6s, 6:05,6:08, 6:03.

8 mile long run + 8×100 post run strides

8 mile long run at Issaqueena Lake Rd. I reintroduced hills into my long runs today (excluding the big hill at the main road). Goal was 8 min/mile pace. Time was 1:04.07. It was a really nice workout! I was a bit surprised in that I was really working up the steeper hills, and within moments after cresting the hill, I was recovered to the point I felt like I needed to speed my pace. My in workout recovery was the best ever since 2013! Another indicator of recovery is Garmin plots my VO2 Max. It keeps going up and is now up to 55. Most important, I feel that. I really think the combination of Fartlek and the trail long runs are paying huge dividends! I am starting to increase my post run strides to keep my legs fresh and loose. It is working! Also, I am pretty excited how fast my legs are recovering to do some really nice post run strides. My key word these days is Recovery! I am focusing in recovery in the workout, post workout, and between workouts.

3 mile run

3 mile run at civic center, mostly grass, rolling hills, Time 21:51. Last mile 6:59

5 mile run with fartlek in miles 2&3

5 mile run at Anderson civic center grass field with Fartlek miles 2&3. 6×1:30 hard, 1:00 easy run. Total time 37:51. 1:30 hard started at about 6:00 mile pace on repeat 1 and ended around 5:56 mile pace in repeat 6. Mile 4 was at 8:12 and recovered to a 7:10 in mile 5.

7 mile long run + 6 x 100 post run strides

7 mile long run at Issaqueena. Time 53:52